Have A Good Time

This was a contribution to a poster contest in 1952 for the Swedish American Line by artist Inga-Greta Solbreck-Möller (1918-1995). The "Have a good time"-poster didn't win but it is a winner just the same.
You can buy a new print of it at Come To Sweden.


Spöket från Värmland

Title: Spöket från Värmland (The Ghost of Värmland), 1903. Artist: Ivar Arosenius (Swedish, 1878–1909)  

Monster Brains: Ivar Arosenius (Swedish, 1878 - 1909) 
Also see his children's book Kattresan (The Cat Journey). Be sure not to miss page 18 where a cat explodes after too much cookies and lemonade.

I Draculas klor



Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style

Let's take a look what's beyond, behind and beneath the flesh in Danish porn magazines of the 70s. Behold and be amazed by the crazy wallpapers, the psychadelic posters, the colorful carpets, the furniture, lamps and crazy kitsch accessories.

Musselsoppans Vänner: Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style

By the way, I'd say it's "safe for work".

Yes, this is a repost from 2009. It was probably the biggest hit that Martin Klasch and my other (now neglected) blog Musselsoppans Vänner ever had. The Russian edition of Esquire contacted me to get permission to use the images. Which they did. In March 2010, I believe.



A bout portant (2)

The Killers, 1964, Dir: Don Siegel. French poster, Poster artist: ? 

See earlier post: A bout portant / Hämnarna / The Killers 


Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen, AKA Dracula A.D. 1972, AKA Dracula '73, AKA...

Posters from Wrong Side Of The Art!

Dracula A.D. 1972

Dracula '72 (UK) (working title)
Dracula 1972 (International: English title) (informal title)
Dracula 1972 D.C. (International: English title) (poster title)
Dracula Chases the Mini Girls (UK) (working title)
Dracula Chelsea '72 (UK) (working title)
Dracula Today
1972: Dracula colpisce ancora! (It)
Drácula no Mundo da Mini-Saia (Br)
Dracula jagt Mini-Mädchen (BRD)
Draculan kosto (Fi)
Drakoulas 1972 (Gr)

Renamed for its French and Spanish releases because it reached theaters there one year later:

Dracula '73 (Fr)
Drácula 73 (Sp)

Source: IMDb

This is an edited repost from 2008 in honor of Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee (1922-2015).


A Ronald Searle Smörgåsbord

Perpetua - Ronald Searle Tribute: Smörgåsbord 


A bout portant / Hämnarna / The Killers

The Killers, 1964, Dir: Don Siegel. French poster, Poster artist: Guy Gérard Noël

via This isn't happiness via Movie Poster of the Week


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The Killers, 1946, Dir: Robert Siodmak. Swedish poster, Poster artist: Martin Gavler

Originally posted on the 3rd of January 2009



"In 1969 Searle published a book of sketches made on location in the strip-shows and cabarets of the St Pauli district of Hamburg. The French edition had a much more eye-catching cover." (see art above and with title here)