Accidentally Rothko

Paint over

Dangerous Minds: "...photographer and artist Mattie Kannard has spent the past eight years photographing graffiti, but only after it has been painted over by the building owners. The results often resemble an unintentional pastiche of Mark Rothko’s style of abstract expressionism."



For Your Viewing Pleasure

A further volume of Oscar nominated cartoonist Grickle (Graham Annable) Vines for your viewing pleasure. Vol 1.



Mamma Mia! Does Your Mother Know?

Agnetha, Giant Lollipop and Creepy Dolls

Most artist have probably been talked into doing weird photo shoots which they have regretted afterwards. It would surprise me if Agnetha is as happy with this one as the rest of us are, today.

Let me leave you with this bonus photo of all of the A:s and B:s all wrapped up and ready to go...



Lennart Nilsson

Lennart Nilsson (1922 - 2017)  "...was a Swedish photographer and scientist. He is noted for his photographs of human embryos and other medical subjects once considered unphotographable, and more generally for his extreme macro photography. He is also considered to be among Sweden’s first modern photojournalists." (Wikipedia)

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The Elephant Man

John Hurt as John Merrick in The Elephant Man (1980) by David Lynch 

The Many Deaths of John Hurt

John Hurt (1940 - 2017)



The Thing - Storyboard to Film Comparison

VashiVisuals: THE THING – Storyboards to Film Comparison 

Via Coudal Partners

Warner Oland

One of the earliest Swedish-born Hollywood stars is a relatively forgotten one. Those who do know about Warner Oland (Born Johan Verner Ölund on October 3, 1879 – August 6, 1938) mostly remember him for his screen role as the detective Charlie Chan. He starred in a total of 16 Charlie Chan films. The success of the Chan character turned into a cash cow for Fox Studios and Oland became a valuable property. He became wealthy and bred miniature schnauzers.

Another asian role Oland played was that of evil criminal genious Dr Fu Manchu.

"Oland continued to appear onscreen as an Asian, probably more often than any other white actor in the history of cinema. This was not, strictly speaking, "yellowface", since Oland used no special makeup to change his ethnic appearance, according to frequent co-star Keye Luke."

Yet another asian role for Oland was Dr Yogami in Werewolf of London from 1935. Here's the French poster: